spare me the fables of new york,
where i stood signboard for the coming plague,
where i lapsed from all conscience
through fortune cast by gods at kottabos

there it was, there by the rivers of steel
in crooked brick-built structures, where
room by room i migrated
ever west

nepenthe knew i in vacant flats
by streetlight, the tiny river
still of steel, flowing throughout
my tributaries

by the grey river, the stolid river,
reflections darkened by the moon,
the town and i starved out against the brown horizon,
with howling all around

riots of quietless song, of sprints
to all-night food marts, then
endless Eos who never breaks
sings down an anthem

awaken all you who drag the concrete!
i trolled the gutters for pranks,
i fell a thousand stories
to die in faceville.